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The Heat and Buildings Strategy is a plan from the government to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by heating buildings.  It has strengths, but also limitations.  

There is financial support in the Strategy for homeowners, landlords and the public sector to decarbonise homes and public buildings.  Heat pump grants for householders are likely to be predominantly taken up by more affluent households with higher carbon footprints.

There is no financial support for small businesses in the Heat and Buildings Strategy.  All is not lost, however, because there are many things that your small business can do to save the earth, without costing the earth. 

Here are my top tips for what you can do now:

  • Review the way you use your heating controls.  In every single building that I have ever helped, I have advised on better use of existing heating controls.  More strategic use of existing heating controls needs no capital investment.  Upgrading to smart heating controls is a cost-effective way of saving carbon.
  • Switch to LED lighting throughout the business and don’t forget lighting controls – for example, passive infra-red controls in areas of intermittent occupancy such as bathrooms and corridors.
  • Consider the impact of home working and flexible working on your business.  Just because there are fewer people in your building, it doesn’t always follow that your building is using less energy.  Now is a good time to undertake an energy audit. 
  • Improve the airtightness of your building.  Look for gaps where the floors meet the walls and where the roof meets the walls.  They can be sealed quite cheaply and will effectively stop heat escaping from your building.  This is particularly useful in older buildings where it is difficult and expensive to insulate the walls and floors.  But if you can insulate, then walls, roofs, floors, and window reveals.  Thermal imaging is great for identifying priority areas.
  • Move desks and equipment to make use of natural light.
  • Use laptops instead of desktops as they use less energy.


Tell me what makes your business great, and we will work together to make it greener and more profitable.

If you’re a business that needs expert help with energy saving then please check out my energy advice packages.

If you’re a homeowner please click here.  I specialise in advising homeowners on whether a heat pump is suitable for their home. 

If you’re a charity, public sector body or housing provider please click here.

Consumers want to buy off businesses that are ethical and sustainable.  Now is the time to act on the climate emergency.





COP26 is approaching and many you’re probably thinking about the environmental performance of your business.

But what environmental goals and targets should you set?  Zero carbon? Net zero? What do these phrases mean for your small business anyway?

If you are responsible for improving the environmental performance of your business, then you are an environmental leader.  

With time running out to limit the devastating effects of climate change, every business leader needs to be an environmental leader too.

I specialise in coaching environmental leaders like you to set environmental goals that are realistic and achievable for your business, whatever its scale or scope.  Every business can make a difference, as long as we aren’t thrown off course by buzzwords from giant multinationals and political leaders.

Goal-setting is my coaching superpower.  I particularly enjoy helping other environmental leaders to set and achieve goals.  Setting goals helps you to reframe something from a problem into a triumph for your business and for the planet.

What will it mean to you if you can:

  • transform the reputation and profitability of your business through being recognised for environmental leadership?
  • turn your good idea into a profitable and successful environmental business?
  • put your environmental and ethical values into practice?

I will coach you to take ownership of your environmental problems in order to solve them, and achieve your goals.


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“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”  author unknown


Coaching with
  • Decades of experience of environmental leadership
  • Voted as one of the West Midlands top Green Leaders by my peers
  • Mentor on the Uprising Birmingham environmental leadership programme
  • Mentor on the Business Innovation at Staffordshire University Programme


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Join my one-to-one coaching programme for environmental leaders.  Use my knowledge and expertise as an environmental leader to help you turn your environmental goals into achievable actions.

You should join my one-to-one coaching programme if you are:

  • a leader in an environmental business
  • aiming to set up an environmental business, charity or cooperative
  • a leader in any business and you are responsible for improving its environmental performance.

What will it mean to you if you can:

  • transform the reputation and profitability of your business through being recognised for environmental leadership?
  • turn your good idea into a profitable and successful environmental business?
  • put your environmental and ethical values into practice?
  • set, monitor and achieve realistic goals?

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Energy confidence







Is working from home good or bad for the environmental impact of your business?


The short answer is … it depends.  It depends on factors such as:

  • the comparative energy efficiency of your business building, and the homes of your staff;
  • the way in which heating controls are used in your business building, and in the homes of your staff;
  • what mode of transport employees use to commute to work, and how far they travel.


Some businesses could actually find that their environmental impact increases because of remote working.  Even if their employees are travelling less … even if they aren’t using heat and power in their office … the greenhouse gas emissions from their staff’s homes could cause a net increase in the environmental impact of your business.

I am now using a piece of software that means I can do a bespoke calculation for your business.



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This means that I can help you to work out a meaningful answer to this dilemma for your business, and most importantly, give you expert advice on what to do to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, whether your employees are working from your premises, remotely, or a mixture of both.

The good news is that this service is included in my business energy advice packages, so you don’t have to pay the earth, to save the earth.


Tell me what makes your business great, and we will work together to make it greener and more profitable.




About me

Grinning at Moor Street Station


I am the West Midlands’ leading expert in:

  • energy saving
  • renewable energy
  • procurement of energy saving products
  • water saving.

My customers include householders, landlords, public bodies, small businesses, charities and coops.

I am independent and impartial.

Phil Beardmore, FRSA AIEMA.



Nathalie Rush

Nathalie Rush

Phil is truly an expert in his field. I can understand why most people around the West Midlands choose to go to Phil for energy-saving consultancy. Phil has a thorough understanding of energy conservation and sustainable living. Would highly recommend.  Nathalie Rush, MD, Six Star Insulation.

Claire Spencer

Claire Spencer

His knowledge of community-led sustainability is second to none, and his perspective on local and national issues is invaluable to us. He adds value, and is everything a good consultant should be, and I would recommend him to anyone in our field  Claire Spencer, Sustainable Moseley.

Rosemary Coyne

Rosemary Coyne

It has been hugely inspiring to work with Phil.  While others talk, Phil gets on and does it.  Rosemary Coyne, Coordinator, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership

Ray Walker

Ray Walker

In working with Phil I have been impressed by his level of knowledge and enthusiasm. He has a vast array of contacts and has brought us into contact with other stakeholder in the energy business that would have been much more difficult to achieve without him. I am also struck by his commitment to supporting communities and the most vulnerable client groups.

Ray Walker, Disability Resource Centre

Karen McCarthy

Cllr Karen McCarthy




Phil Beardmore has a long association with Localise West Midlands and is a valued associate on environmental, housing and fuel poverty projects. 

He works with us both as an individual practitioner and leading multi-disciplinary teams on larger projects, delivering high quality results on time and on budget.

 Cllr Karen McCarthy, Localise West Midlands

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Membership of the AECB – Association of Environmentally Conscious Buildings – enables me to keep my skills up to date

making birmingham green

I won a Making Birmingham Greener Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement.

green leader

I was nominated twice by my peers as one of the top Green Leaders in the West Midlands


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The Government has announced a clampdown on false environmental claims by businesses – also known as Greenwash.  This is to be welcomed.  No reputable business wants to mislead its customers about its environmental performance.  Here are my tips for showing your customers that your small business is doing the right thing for the environment.

  • Publish an environmental policy, endorsed at the top level of your business, that shows your commitment to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions year on year
  • Write down your environmental baseline.  How many kilowatt hours of electricity and heating fuel does your business use a year?  How many litres of water?  It’s on your bills.
  • Set targets.  Can you reduce the number of miles travelled by car by 10%?  Can you reduce the amount of electricity or water you use by 20%?


Are you ready, to make your fuel bills steady?


  • Develop a simple action plan to reach these targets.  Don’t forget the most effective environmental actions are often the cheapest – reviewing the way you use heating and lighting controls, for example.
  • Monitor your targets at least every twelve months.   How did you get on with reducing car mileage, or your consumption of fuel or water?
  • Most importantly, tell your customers.  More and more people want to buy from businesses that are ethical and sustainable.

If you need my help with any of these then contact me today.  Tell me how great your business is and we’ll work together to make it greater, and greener.  


Energy confidence



I am excited to announce two new features in my energy advice packages, that will help give you the confidence to make the right decisions on energy saving in your home or business.

  • I’m using a new piece of software that will help you decide whether a heat pump is right for your home or business;
  • And I’m using another new piece of software that will help you decide whether solar power, with or without battery storage, is right for your home or business.

A heat pump can be a very efficient way to heat a home or business, but it’s a big decision to make, because the economics of a heat pump are different to the economics of other investments.  Up to now I have been using a spreadsheet to help my clients understand the economics of a heat pump in their home or business, but with this piece of software it will make it a lot easier to do this.  If you’re at home more nowadays, then you may well be using more heat, and I will help you to understand the impact of this on the economics of a heat pump; including whether to use the Green Homes Grant or the Renewable Heat Incentive to part-fund it.

Solar panels and batteries are coming down in price.  It’s still a big decision to make though, as the economics of solar are quite complicated.  Again I have been using a spreadsheet to help my clients understand if solar is right for them, but this new piece of software will enable me to work out whether solar is right for you, more quickly and accurately.

The best piece of news is that I will NOT be raising the prices of my energy saving packages, so you get the benefit of these new features at no extra cost.  So book now, tell me all about your home or business, and let’s get you energy confident.  




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  • Green Homes Grant voucher advice
  • Online Energy Confidence coaching  
  • Advice packages with home visit and thermal imaging
  • Tell me about your home and the people who live in it
  • Payment by instalments available for householders



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  • Win new customers by going green
  • Online Energy Confidence coaching 
  • Advice packages with site visit and thermal imaging
  • Tell me about what your business does
  • Payment by instalments for small businesses and non-profits









What can Homer Simpson teach you about saving energy costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in your business?


Quite a bit, actually.  Watch this video and then read on …



Does it feel like this in your office, school or retail premises?  Like there is a constant battle going on between warm air and cold air?  Do people argue over the temperature?  Is anyone responsible for your heating controls?  For trying to manage energy costs, or reducing your environmental footprint?

If this sounds like your business, then you could start with these tips:

  • Learn how to use your heating and air conditioning controls.  Make sure someone is responsible for checking the heating and air conditioning controls – every day.  Upgrade to smart, zoned heating controls if you don’t already have them.
  • Change all your light fittings to LED if you haven’t done so already.  Don’t forget external security lights, car park lights, etc.
  • Put up stickers to remind people to turn off lights, computers etc, when not in use.  Upgrade to intelligent lighting controls.
  • Use a reputable broker for buying electricity and gas.
  • Download my PAYF energy and water saving workbook so you can write a simple action plan for your small business or non-profit.
  • If you need extra help from me, then my energy advice packages for small businesses include online options, and payment by instalments.  Plus, special rates for non-profits.  Schools and public sector please click here.

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Are you ready to take action?

What will you do next?  What help do you need from me?

Working together we’ll design a whole-building plan, looking at all the fabric of the building and its appliances.  I will show you how the ways people live, work, sleep, relax, wash, cook and eat in your building cause it to waste energy and water.  I will show you the right things you can do for your home, your family or co-workers, and for the planet.  I will also tell you if you’re doing any of the wrong things, and show you how to make changes.  

Take action now and let’s get you energy confident.

Phil Beardmore FRSA AIEMA, Low Carbon Coach and Founder, Energy Confidence 

thermal image

You can now get thermal imaging energy advice packages for your home or business, at a reduced price.  These packages are designed for people intending to apply for the Green Homes Grant, and include:

  • Expert coaching
  • Personalised advice
  • Action Planning help
  • Follow-up advice
  • Email support
  • Site visit with thermal imaging report.


  • What you’ll get:

    ✔ Site visit:  We work together to develop a  Climate Action Plan for your home or business.   Actions will include both short-term quick wins and longer-term environmental goals; ranging from zero-cost actions, to investments with a longer financial return, that will save you money too, and help you decide how to spend the Green Homes Grant.  This site visit will normally take around two hours.  This is included in your subscription if you are within 50 miles of Birmingham, UK.  If you are further than this, please contact meto discuss a bespoke quote, or go for one of my online coaching packages.

    ✔ Personalised Action Plan.  After this first session, I will provide you with a personalised draft report and Climate Action Plan including my recommendations. Your Climate Action Plan will include personalised tips for you and advice on how to monitor that your actions are making a difference, including an estimate of the percentage reduction in your carbon dioxide emissions.  At this stage I will also advise you of anything that you should not do, or that you should stop doing.  For householders, I will advise you of how you can use any grants, such as the Green Homes Grant, most effectively for your home.  

  • ✔ Thermography report, with thermal images showing where energy is being wasted in your building including walls, roof, windows, doors, floor, pipework.  The thermography report also includes recommendations on what can be done to address the issues highlighted by the thermal images.  Thermal imaging is usually carried out after dusk between November and March.  
  •  ✔ Email support from me.
  •  ✔ Session 2.  A follow-up coaching session at a mutually agreed time, usually 3-6 months after the home visit.  In this session we will review your progress, and discuss your next steps.   This session is around 30 minutes and will normally take place by Zoom.✔ Revisions to your Climate Action Plan as agreed at Session 2.If you haven’t used Zoom before then don’t worry, I will send you full instructions and tips.Things I will advise you on include:

    ✔  Energy Efficiency – quick wins that you can do now for zero-cost or low-cost; and long-term investments in your home or business.

    ✔ Is renewable energy right for your building?  Solar panels? Heat pumps? Biomass?

    ✔  Water saving – water waste is the hidden environmental cost that many people forget.  It’s easy to save water and if you are metered then it will save you money too.

    ✔  Green travel planning including electric vehicles.

    ✔   Energy tariffs and buying – are you on the best tariff?


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  • Is there a “free” thermal imaging option?

    I don’t do a free thermal imaging package – this is why.  Some insulation companies do it – you don’t get an advice package with it.   With my advice packages you get the benefit of my time and expertise which you don’t with an insulation company. The insulation companies are funded by multinational energy companies to do thermal imaging, funded by energy bill payers. What you actually get is not simply a free thermal image – it’s a sales call to sell you insulation. I am in favour of people insulating their homes, but what I offer is a whole-house approach to energy saving.  If I recommend measures such as insulation to you as part of my energy advice package, then I will help you to find a reputable contractors for any physical measures such as insulation, heating, solar panels.  If you want a free thermal image then please feel free to book with one of these bill payer funded insulation companies – but please be aware you are not getting a full advice package and you will be getting a sales visit.  


    About me

    My goal is give you the confidence to control rising energy and water costs in your home or business.

    I give you the confidence to take action on energy saving that will make a lasting difference – to your financial bottom line, and to do your bit on climate change.  I specialise in energy saving, renewable energy, water saving, energy buying, and monitoring energy savings.


    Who am I?

    I founded Energy Confidence to help you feel that you are doing the right thing to save energy and water in your home or business.  I have two decades experience working in energy, and have won awards from Birmingham City Council and Sustainability West Midlands. I am an expert in energy saving, renewable energy, energy buying, water saving, and sustainable transport.  I’m a thought leader as well as an energy expert.  I have set up and delivered a wide range of energy-related projects.


    My values

    1. I am one of life’s doers.  I like to work out what to do next, and then get on and do it.
    2. If I see something that needs change, I will say it needs changing, and I will change it if I can.
    3. I deliver on my promises, on time and within budget.
    4. I don’t “chase the money”.
    5. I am not afraid to give bad news.  If I think it isn’t going to work, I will tell you, and suggest alternatives.
    6. I prefer cooperation over competition.  I want everyone to win at life.

    If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay by debit or credit card using PayPal.  Click on pay by card or checkout as a guest if invited. All services are subject to availability – I will endeavour to book you in at a mutually convenient date.

    What I will need from you is copies of your bills for gas, electricity, water and any other relevant fuels you use – e.g. heating oil, wood pellets.  Also an idea of your vehicle mileage if you want to include transport in your Climate Action Plan. Ideally I need your last 12 months’ bills.  This enables me to develop a baseline for your carbon dioxide emissions, so I can estimate how much carbon dioxide you will save through your action plan.  Once you have booked I will be in touch to ask you for these things.  Don’t worry if you can’t find them.



“Consumers want to buy from ethical and sustainable businesses.  Going green shows your customers that you care, and makes them want to buy from you”

FREE workbook


Download my FREE energy saving workbook for your business or non-profit.  This is an easy-to-use, self-help workbook that you can use to make a personalised action plan for your business. 


The workbook is based on the actual methodology that I use when I am on a site visit to a paying client.  Most importantly, the workbook encourages you to do things in the right order and helps you to understand which actions will make most difference.

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