thermal image

When I visit your home or business I immediately start to visualise where heat is being lost from the fabric of your building – walls, roof, floors, and particularly thermal bridges where two different building materials meet.

One of the ways I can help you to visualise heat loss is by using a thermal imaging camera.  Most people are surprised when they see the results – it’s a real eye-opener to see how much heat is being wasted by most homes and businesses.

During the winter months is the best time for thermal imaging, when it’s dark and cold outside gives the best results, in the early evening just after the sun goes down.  If you book one of my on site energy advice packages then we can start working together to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at any time of year, and I can book you in for thermal imaging at the earliest opportunity.


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Thermal image of house

  • A typical early 20th century home
  • Lots of heat loss through uninsulated walls
  • Less heat loss through the insulated roof
  • Where is heat escaping from your home?

uninsulated pipework

  • Underground pipework
  • Shocking heat loss through uninsulated pipework
  • It was warmer in the cellar than the rest of the building 
  • My client became more aware of the scale of heat loss through the pipes
  • Is your business losing money through uninsulated pipes?

heat loss through floor

  • Photo in the cellar in my client’s building
  • You can see heat escaping through the floor from the building above
  • My client was unaware of the heat loss through the floor
  • You can also see heat being given off by the fluorescent light fitting
  • Are you losing heat through the floor?