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Energy confidence

Your 15-minute neighbourhood energy expert … that’s me, and my small team of helpers.

If I can walk to your home or small business in 15 minutes or fewer, then I will give you a 5% discount on my energy advice services.  

My office base is at the Old Print Works, Birmingham, B12 9AH, and is ten minutes walk from my house.

15 minutes means:

  • 15 minutes walk from B12 9AH or B12 9LQ – i.e. Balsall Heath; most of Moseley village, Sparkbrook, Highgate, parts of Edgbaston (I am a fast walker).

Reducing the need to travel is one of the most important things we can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.  Reducing car use helps us to connect to people and to nature.  My way of working is based on relationships before transactions.  Remote working means you can build relationships with anyone anywhere in the world, but it’s much better to build networks of relationships locally.  Bumping into my clients while on a trip to the park or the farmers’ market builds relationships in a way that you can’t achieve purely on Zoom.

New clients only.  Applies to standard advice packages and bespoke quotes which involve a site visit of two hours or more (i.e. 99% of my clients).  This overrides previous discounts including the B12 discount … however to my existing clients with B12 postcodes … I love you all dearly and will continue to apply your previous B12 discount.  15-minute neighbourhood does not apply when I am working on other people’s projects, e.g. Footsteps.  Does not apply to clients paying in 6 monthly instalments.  Does not apply to organisations with more than 250 employees.  If you have multiple sites then the discount applies to sites within my 15-minute neighbourhood only.

If booking online, to claim the 5% discount please enter the coupon code 15 at the checkout.  Or if you are paying by invoice I will deduct the 5% from your invoice.  If you think you are within my 15-minute neighbourhood, please go ahead and use the coupon code 15 I trust you to use your discretion.  If I don’t think you are within my 15-minute neighbourhood then I will only challenge you if there is a clear and obvious geographical reason to do so.   If you are within the 15-minute neighbourhood then I will usually walk or cycle, but there may be occasions when I have appointments further afield immediately before or after you, in which case I may drive (car exempt from the Birmingham Clean Air charge due to its emissions rating).  The 15-minute discount is not time-limited, so as long as I am healthy enough to walk and cycle then it will continue.  



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Below is a map showing the Old Print Works B12 9AH.  Click on view larger map to see how far you are from me.  If you’re more than 15 minutes then don’t worry I can still help you.  If you are within reasonable distance of a train station then I will come by train if possible and by car if necessary.



Consumers want to buy off businesses that are ethical and sustainable.  Tell me what makes your business great, and we will work together to make it greener and more profitable.


  • Honest, practical expert advice on decarbonising your business
  • Independent and impartial 
  • What are the right measures for you?
  • Site visits, video meetings, thermal imaging
  • Energy saving and renewable energy
  • Energy procurement
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Payment by instalments available







  • Honest, practical expert advice
  • Independent and impartial 
  • Tell me about your home 
  • What are the right measures for you?
  • Site visits, Zoom meetings, thermal imaging
  • Payment by instalments available



Do you want to make your home greener but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you are thinking about insulation, solar or a heat pump?  Book one of my energy saving advice packages  for honest, practical and impartial advice on how to make your home greener.  I help you to make big decisions about the energy efficiency of your home in a psychologically safe space.


  • Thermal imaging is available depending on the time of year – November-April is best for thermal imaging – if you book outside of these times then I will come back in the winter to do thermal imaging for you.


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Are you ready to be energy confident?

We face a Climate Emergency – you can make a difference




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“What do you want to do about climate change?”



You’re here because you know that government and big business should do more, but you don’t want to wait for them.  You’re committed to do whatever you can.

What will you do next?  What help do you need from me?

Tell me about your home or your business, and I will advise you on a whole-building plan, looking at all the fabric of the building and its appliances.  I will show you how the ways people live, work, sleep, relax, wash, cook and eat in your building cause it to waste energy and water.  I will show you the right things you can do for your home, your family or co-workers, and for the planet.  I will also tell you if you’re doing any of the wrong things, and show you how to make changes.  


Working with me will give you:

  • Clarity on where to begin
  • Confidence that you are taking the right actions for your building
  • Cost-effective use of your money and resources
  • Carbon savings by implementing the right measures and monitoring their effectiveness.

Contact me now and let’s get you energy confident.

Phil Beardmore FRSA AIEMA, Low Carbon Coach and Founder, Energy Confidence 


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Tell me about your home and I will help you make the right choices with confidence.  If you’re considering investing money in the energy efficiency of your home, then I recommend an on-site advice package.  



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Schools and public sector


 If you’re considering investing in the energy efficiency of your building, then with my help you will be able to target your investment in ways that will help you get the greatest CO2 savings while achieving best value for money.



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Consumers like to buy from ethical businesses.  Reducing your environmental impact is good for your reputation, as well as your bottom line. 



Small biz

Large biz

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Your stakeholders and funders expect you to be environmentally friendly.  You need a few days expert help to do the right thing.  If you are considering investing your funds in the energy efficiency of your cooperative, charity or social enterprise, then I recommend  an on-site package.  For non-profits with fewer than 250 employees.


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Nathalie Rush

Nathalie Rush

Phil is truly an expert in his field. I can understand why most people around the West Midlands choose to go to Phil for energy-saving consultancy. Phil has a thorough understanding of energy conservation and sustainable living. Would highly recommend.  Nathalie Rush, MD, Six Star Insulation.

Claire Spencer

Claire Spencer

His knowledge of community-led sustainability is second to none, and his perspective on local and national issues is invaluable to us. He adds value, and is everything a good consultant should be, and I would recommend him to anyone in our field  Claire Spencer, Sustainable Moseley.

Rosemary Coyne

Rosemary Coyne

It has been hugely inspiring to work with Phil.  While others talk, Phil gets on and does it.  Rosemary Coyne, Coordinator, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership

Ray Walker

Ray Walker

In working with Phil I have been impressed by his level of knowledge and enthusiasm. He has a vast array of contacts and has brought us into contact with other stakeholder in the energy business that would have been much more difficult to achieve without him. I am also struck by his commitment to supporting communities and the most vulnerable client groups.

Ray Walker, Disability Resource Centre

Karen McCarthy

Cllr Karen McCarthy

Phil Beardmore has a long association with Localise West Midlands and is a valued associate on environmental, housing and fuel poverty projects. 

He works with us both as an individual practitioner and leading multi-disciplinary teams on larger projects, delivering high quality results on time and on budget.

 Cllr Karen McCarthy, Localise West Midlands 



Canal smiling



You need impartial expert advice on energy saving in your home or business.  I don’t want you to lose opportunities to save energy because you missed out on my expertise.


I am one of life’s doers.  I like to work out what to do next, and then get on and do it.

If I see something that needs to change, I will say it needs changing, and I will change it if I can.

I deliver on my promises, on time and within budget.


I don’t “chase the money”.

I am not afraid to give bad news.  If I think something isn’t going to work for you, I will tell you, and suggest alternatives.  I want you to get it right.

I prefer cooperation over competition.  I want everyone to win at life.  


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Membership of the AECB – Association of Environmentally Conscious Buildings – enables me to keep my skills up to date

making birmingham green

I won a Making Birmingham Greener Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement.

green leader

I was nominated twice by my peers as one of the top Green Leaders in the West Midlands


RSA Fellowship connects me with other progressive people doing great work in many fields


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