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Your business has three types of greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Scope 1
      – Burning natural gas, LPG, heating oil in your building; for space heating, domestic hot water, industrial processes
      – Burning transport fuels such as diesel and petrol in vehicles that your business owns.
    • Scope 2
      – Is mainly from energy that you buy; e.g. electricity from the grid; heating or cooling from a district energy system.
    • Scope 3
      – Is emissions that you do not cause directly, but which arise from actions in your value chain. The goods and services that you buy in, have scope 3 emissions. Remote working and staff travel are also examples of scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are easy to overlook. I can help you to understand and measure your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Most importantly, I can help you to develop a strategy to manage and reduce your emissions. There is no point understanding your “carbon footprint” for the sake of it.


Consumers want to buy goods and services from businesses that are ethical and sustainable.  Understanding and measuring your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions means you can prove to your customers that you are serious about greening your business.

If you need my help in reducing your business greenhouse gas emissions, please contact me now.  

Photo – me helping a business with their scope 1, 2, 3 emissions (credit – Richard Beard).


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Clean growth grants

Energy confidence


Consumers want to buy off businesses that are ethical and sustainable.  If you are a small business in Greater Birmingham and Solihull, then you could qualify for subsidised help with decarbonising your business.  Help is also available for your business to take advantage of clean growth opportunities.

I am one of the suppliers to the GBSLEP Clean Growth Programme.

This means you could get help from me at around 20% of what you would normally pay.  Everyone loves a bargain!  You will need to get quotes from three potential consultants in total.  

You must be an SME to qualify, with 11-249 employees, three years’ trading history, based in a non-domestic building, in the following local authority areas: Birmingham, Solihull, East Staffordshire, Cannock Chase, Lichfield, Tamworth, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Wyre Forest.  You must be incorporated (this includes companies limited by guarantee).  The programme funds 80% of the consultancy costs; you will need to contribute the other 20%.  

Tell me what makes your business great, and let’s work together to make it greener and more profitable.

Some of the things I can help you with include:

  • Making your building more energy efficient
  • Sustainable transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Water saving
  • Decarbonisation action plans
  • Staff training and organisational change to decarbonise your business
  • Coaching
  • Developing low carbon products and services for the clean growth sector
  • Monitoring your achievements
  • Bid writing
  • Telling your customers about the work you are doing to make your business greener.

Contact me now to see how I could help you through the Clean Growth programme.  Tell me what makes your business great, and let’s work to make it greener and more profitable!  


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If you don’t qualify for the Clean Growth programme then I can still help you with my value for money energy saving advice packages.






Nathalie Rush

Nathalie Rush

Phil is truly an expert in his field. I can understand why most people around the West Midlands choose to go to Phil for energy-saving consultancy. Phil has a thorough understanding of energy conservation and sustainable living. Would highly recommend.  Nathalie Rush, MD, Six Star Insulation.

Claire Spencer

Claire Spencer

His knowledge of community-led sustainability is second to none, and his perspective on local and national issues is invaluable to us. He adds value, and is everything a good consultant should be, and I would recommend him to anyone in our field  Claire Spencer, Sustainable Moseley.

Rosemary Coyne

Rosemary Coyne

It has been hugely inspiring to work with Phil.  While others talk, Phil gets on and does it.  Rosemary Coyne, Coordinator, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership

Ray Walker

Ray Walker

In working with Phil I have been impressed by his level of knowledge and enthusiasm. He has a vast array of contacts and has brought us into contact with other stakeholder in the energy business that would have been much more difficult to achieve without him. I am also struck by his commitment to supporting communities and the most vulnerable client groups.

Ray Walker, Disability Resource Centre

Karen McCarthy

Cllr Karen McCarthy

Phil Beardmore has a long association with Localise West Midlands and is a valued associate on environmental, housing and fuel poverty projects. 

He works with us both as an individual practitioner and leading multi-disciplinary teams on larger projects, delivering high quality results on time and on budget.

 Cllr Karen McCarthy, Localise West Midlands 



Canal smiling



You need impartial expert advice on energy saving in your home or business.  I don’t want you to lose opportunities to save energy because you missed out on my expertise.


I am one of life’s doers.  I like to work out what to do next, and then get on and do it.

If I see something that needs to change, I will say it needs changing, and I will change it if I can.

I deliver on my promises, on time and within budget.


I don’t “chase the money”.

I am not afraid to give bad news.  If I think something isn’t going to work for you, I will tell you, and suggest alternatives.  I want you to get it right.

I prefer cooperation over competition.  I want everyone to win at life.  


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