Shropshire Hills



How are you spending New Year’s Eve?  I will be in a cottage in the Shropshire Hills, Covid permitting, with my fiancee Claire, who also works with me on Energy Confidence.  As Claire is of Scottish heritage we will be celebrating in traditional Scottish style, with

Phil and Claire
Phil and Claire

gluten-free Dundee Cake.  

I’m not one for heavy drinking on New Year’s Eve, nor am I one for making New Year’s Resolutions just because of the date.

Goal setting is something that can, and should, be done at all points throughout the year.

You can call it goal setting, you can call it a resolution, but whatever you call it, two of the key things to remember are:

  • You must write it down
  • You must record your progress against meeting the goal regularly – ideally every single day.
Dundee cake
Gluten-free Dundee cake

Environmental goals are no different to other life goals.

Shropshire Hills
The Shropshire hills

Everyone who aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in their home, their life or their business is an environmental leader.  You don’t need to be an environmental expert to be an environmental leader.  

Good luck with setting your environmental goals.  If you need my help then please check out my Environmental Leadership Coaching – for environmental leaders like you.  


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Energy confidence

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”  author unknown


Coaching with
  • Decades of experience of environmental leadership
  • Voted as one of the West Midlands top Green Leaders by my peers
  • Mentor on the Uprising Birmingham environmental leadership programme
  • Mentor on the Business Innovation at Staffordshire University Programme


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Join my one-to-one coaching programme for environmental leaders.  Use my knowledge and expertise as an environmental leader to help you turn your environmental goals into achievable actions.

You should join my one-to-one coaching programme if you are:

  • a leader in an environmental business
  • aiming to set up an environmental business, charity or cooperative
  • a leader in any business and you are responsible for improving its environmental performance.

Anyone can become an environmental leader. 

You don’t need to be an environmental expert, to become an environmental leader.

What will it mean to your business if you can:

  • transform the reputation and profitability of your business through being recognised for environmental leadership?
  • turn your good idea into a profitable and successful environmental business?
  • put your environmental and ethical values into practice?
  • set, monitor and achieve realistic goals?

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