“Consumers want to buy from ethical and sustainable businesses.  Going green shows your customers that you care, and makes them want to buy from you”

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Download my FREE energy saving workbook for your business or non-profit.  This is an easy-to-use, self-help workbook that you can use to make a personalised action plan for your business. 


The workbook is based on the actual methodology that I use when I am on a site visit to a paying client.  Most importantly, the workbook encourages you to do things in the right order and helps you to understand which actions will make most difference.

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scavenger hunt

Are you looking for fun home education activities to do with the kids during lockdown?  Why not use this fun home learning activity to plan how your family can take action on the Climate Emergency now?

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How heat is lost from an office building

Even if your business is closed during Lockdown, you can still plan what your business will do to take action on the Climate Emergency.  And while you’re at home, you can start taking action in your home or with your neighbours.  Continue reading “What can I do about the Climate Emergency during Lockdown?”