scavenger hunt

Are you looking for fun home education activities to do with the kids during lockdown?  Why not use this fun home learning activity to plan how your family can take action on the Climate Emergency now?

This home-based activity is aimed at children aged 7-11, but there are parts of it that younger children will be able to take part in. 

The aim of the Scavenger Hunt is to help children and their parents/carers to understand how energy is wasted in a home, and how this contributes to the Greenhouse Effect.

The activity is designed so it can be used in any type of home; house, flat, canal boat.  It features the types of energy use typical of a home in the UK. If you are in another part of the world and you have different appliances e.g. air conditioning, please adapt the Scavenger Hunt. If you would like me to develop a workbook suited to your country, please contact me.

The Scavenger Hunt aims to help you teach and revise Science, Technology, Education and Maths (STEM) learning outcomes, such as 

  • measuring and recording data, 
  • how to control variables, 
  • where electricity comes from, 
  • heat transfer, 
  • the Greenhouse Effect, 
  • properties of materials.

When you get to the checkout page, you will need to download BOTH documents  – the Scavenger Hunt; and the Scavenger Hunt WITH NOTES FOR PARENTS AND CARERS.  (If you only download one of the files then it won’t work properly.  You don’t need to print the notes for parents and carers – you can refer to them on your phone, tablet or laptop).

You’ll need a clipboard, pens and crayons, and a measuring jug.

(This product used to be free; however hackers targeted free downloads on my website, so it is no longer free; it is Pay As You Feel, with a minimum of £0.01 – suggested £5 if you can afford it.)


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