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The Government has announced a clampdown on false environmental claims by businesses – also known as Greenwash.  This is to be welcomed.  No reputable business wants to mislead its customers about its environmental performance.  Here are my tips for showing your customers that your small business is doing the right thing for the environment.

  • Publish an environmental policy, endorsed at the top level of your business, that shows your commitment to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions year on year
  • Write down your environmental baseline.  How many kilowatt hours of electricity and heating fuel does your business use a year?  How many litres of water?  It’s on your bills.
  • Set targets.  Can you reduce the number of miles travelled by car by 10%?  Can you reduce the amount of electricity or water you use by 20%?


Are you ready, to make your fuel bills steady?


  • Develop a simple action plan to reach these targets.  Don’t forget the most effective environmental actions are often the cheapest – reviewing the way you use heating and lighting controls, for example.
  • Monitor your targets at least every twelve months.   How did you get on with reducing car mileage, or your consumption of fuel or water?
  • Most importantly, tell your customers.  More and more people want to buy from businesses that are ethical and sustainable.

If you need my help with any of these then contact me today.  Tell me how great your business is and we’ll work together to make it greater, and greener.  


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