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For many of us, part of adaptation to life under a pandemic is spending more time at home, including working from home.  Covid-19 is taking a terrible toll in lost lives and hardship for many.  I am lucky enough to be able to keep on earning by safely working from home, and I am grateful.  There are a lot of people suffering much greater hardships than me.  But if, like me, you are spending more time in your home office, then you need to keep warm, you need to keep your fuel bills affordable, and you need to think of the impact of additional carbon dioxide emissions because of working from home.  

Here are my top tips if you are spending more time in the home office.

  • How much heat is being lost from the fabric of your home – the walls, roof, floor, doors and windows?  Do you have areas of missing or incomplete insulation that you could upgrade with help from the Green Homes Grant?
  • How efficient is your heating system?  Could you use a heat pump to heat your home? 
  • Avoid the use of secondary heating appliances such as oil-filled radiators if possible.  Learn to use your existing heating system controls better.  When did you last adjust your heating controls?  Almost everyone could make better use of their existing heating controls, for free.  Is it time to upgrade to smart heating controls, for greater convenience, and to control waste?  
  • Do you have LED lights throughout your home?  Don’t forget halogen lamps in the kitchen or bathroom, bulkhead light fittings in kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas, and external lighting.
  • If you are cooking more in the home, then avoid wasting energy by using correctly-sized pans and keeping lids on.
  • Is there more condensation in your home because of people spending more time indoors?  Make sure your existing ventilation isn’t blocked up.  You might need to consider mechanical ventilation – modern systems have very low running costs.
  • If you need expert advice, then check out my online and face-to-face advice packages.





About me

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I am the West Midlands’ leading expert in:

  • energy saving
  • renewable energy
  • procurement of energy saving products
  • water saving.

My customers include householders, landlords, public bodies, small businesses, charities and coops.

I am independent and impartial.

Phil Beardmore, FRSA AIEMA.



Nathalie Rush

Nathalie Rush

Phil is truly an expert in his field. I can understand why most people around the West Midlands choose to go to Phil for energy-saving consultancy. Phil has a thorough understanding of energy conservation and sustainable living. Would highly recommend.  Nathalie Rush, MD, Six Star Insulation.

Claire Spencer

Claire Spencer

His knowledge of community-led sustainability is second to none, and his perspective on local and national issues is invaluable to us. He adds value, and is everything a good consultant should be, and I would recommend him to anyone in our field  Claire Spencer, Sustainable Moseley.

Rosemary Coyne

Rosemary Coyne

It has been hugely inspiring to work with Phil.  While others talk, Phil gets on and does it.  Rosemary Coyne, Coordinator, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership

Ray Walker

Ray Walker

In working with Phil I have been impressed by his level of knowledge and enthusiasm. He has a vast array of contacts and has brought us into contact with other stakeholder in the energy business that would have been much more difficult to achieve without him. I am also struck by his commitment to supporting communities and the most vulnerable client groups.

Ray Walker, Disability Resource Centre

Karen McCarthy

Cllr Karen McCarthy




Phil Beardmore has a long association with Localise West Midlands and is a valued associate on environmental, housing and fuel poverty projects. 

He works with us both as an individual practitioner and leading multi-disciplinary teams on larger projects, delivering high quality results on time and on budget.

 Cllr Karen McCarthy, Localise West Midlands