Rep theatre

Energy confidence


One of my earliest memories is going to see a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Rep Theatre on a school trip.  So when the Rep Theatre asked me to help them with their energy use just before Christmas, I got the chance to meet Jack himself backstage while I was looking at their heating and cooling controls! 

A lot of my clients have already made some progress with reducing their energy waste, and approach me for practical advice on what to do next.  The Rep were no different.  In fact they had already implemented some of the changes I would have recommended.  So one of my first tasks was to measure the impact of what they had already done.  Imagine their surprise when I told them that they had reduced their energy use on heating and cooling by one half!  Working with their team, I was able to recommend further actions to reduce their running costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and to address the erratic fluctuations in temperature that you get in a 1960s classic of Brutalist architecture made of dense concrete and glass.  After all, I would hate to think of Jack being too cold or too hot at the top of his beanstalk, with only a pair of tights to protect him against the competing bodies of hot and cold air that can result when a building doesn’t have proper control over heating and cooling systems!

If you’re a business or householder that needs honest, practical advice on reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, then please check out my energy advice packages.