Energy confidence


If we decide to work with each other than it’s because we have worked out that we can trust each other.  If you are paying me more than £2,000 then I will propose a brief contract of engagement.  Here are some terms and conditions:


Small business –


  • Fewer than 250 employees
  • One site 
  • Within 50 miles of B12 9AH


If you have more than one site then depending on the size of the sites, there may be an additional charge.


My preferred option is to include at least one site visit.  If however you are more than 50 miles from my office base in Birmingham (B12 9AH) then we may agree for meetings to take place on Zoom rather than on site.    If you are more than 50 miles away, and we agree a site visit, we will discuss travel and subsistence costs at the outset.  


If at the outset we agree that your greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be significant, then there may be an additional charge.  For example:


  • You are using energy for industrial processes
  • You have significant waste arisings (more than regular office waste)
  • You have a fleet of vehicles.


I am a sole trader and I’m not VAT registered.  I may sub-contract work to Sharon Goodwin (making appointments, admin) or Claire Campbell (research and admin) but responsibility for the advice I give you is all mine.  


​​I don’t issue refunds.  If however I think you are on the wrong package, I will tell you as soon as I become aware, and renegotiate.  I don’t want you to overpay me.  I don’t believe in turning a two-day job into a ten-day job.


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