Energy confidence

Energy Confidence hand-holding service – up to 12 hours of my time in a 12 month period. Outputs to be agreed, unless they have previously been agreed between us. This is for householders or businesses who have previously bought an energy saving advice package from me. The hand-holding will be for things not included in the standard advice package, as described on my website. If you buy hand-holding from me by the hour, it’s charged at £70 per hour. Therefore, by signing up to this subscription service, you can save £240 *


Hand-holding will usually be delivered remotely, but can be delivered on site if necessary as long as you are within an hour’s drive of B12 9AH.


Hand-holding might involve:


  • advice on choosing an installer of energy saving measures
  • supervision of contractors
  • monitoring
  • advice on phasing work
  • follow-up issues
  • any thing else we agree that wasn’t in your original energy advice package.


I will endeavour to respond to you within a short space of time but as you will understand, I am a sole trader and I don’t offer an emergency service.


Once you have signed up I (or my VA Sharon Goodwin) will be in touch.


The 12 hours needs to be taken within a 12 month period from the date you sign up. This might be in dribs and drabs, or in bigger chunks. Time can’t be carried over after 12 months. This is a subscription service and you can cancel at any time, either after 12 months if you feel you have achieved your goals, or within 12 months, or after more than 12 months if you need more hand-holding. No refunds given. You will receive instructions on how to unsubscribe in your welcome email, so please keep it. If you decide to unsubscribe and you’ve lost your welcome email, please email and I will manually unsubscribe you. The hand-holding is for the address (home or business) for which you received an energy advice package. You can’t use this subscription for another address (another home or a business site that wasn’t included in your energy advice package).


  • Hourly charge £70 x 12 = £840; subscription service £50 x 12 = £600.


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