The thermal imaging galleries show thumbnails of the thermal images. You can click on each image and magnify. If you right-click on an image, you can save it.

These are external images that illustrate relative heat loss from the fabric of the building; walls, roofs, windows, doors. What we are looking for in thermal images is for areas of incomplete or missing insulation, or where glazing is not performing as expected. There may also be internal images showing heat loss from hot water pipework and cylinders.

The thermal imaging camera measures the temperature of solid building elements, such as roof, walls, floors, windows, doors, chimneys, and displays relative variations in temperature. It is important to remember that these variations are relative, and are not records of exact temperatures. The camera also measures the temperature of household appliances that can display heat loss, such as hot water pipework, hot water cylinders, fridge door seals, condensate pipes, light fittings, etc.

Reds, oranges, and yellows represent higher amounts of heat loss; blues represent lower amounts of heat loss. The temperatures are relative; this means that two photos taken from the same angle can show slightly different results.

The surface area of walls, roofs, and floors is usually larger than the surface area of windows, so in most buildings the amount of heat lost through the walls, roofs and floors is usually greater than the amount of heat lost through windows.