What can Homer Simpson teach you about saving energy costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in your business?


Quite a bit, actually.  Watch this video and then read on …



Does it feel like this in your office, school or retail premises?  Like there is a constant battle going on between warm air and cold air?  Do people argue over the temperature?  Is anyone responsible for your heating controls?  For trying to manage energy costs, or reducing your environmental footprint?

If this sounds like your business, then you could start with these tips:

  • Learn how to use your heating and air conditioning controls.  Make sure someone is responsible for checking the heating and air conditioning controls – every day.  Upgrade to smart, zoned heating controls if you don’t already have them.
  • Change all your light fittings to LED if you haven’t done so already.  Don’t forget external security lights, car park lights, etc.
  • Put up stickers to remind people to turn off lights, computers etc, when not in use.  Upgrade to intelligent lighting controls.
  • Use a reputable broker for buying electricity and gas.
  • Download my PAYF energy and water saving workbook so you can write a simple action plan for your small business or non-profit.
  • If you need extra help from me, then my energy advice packages for small businesses include online options, and payment by instalments.  Plus, special rates for non-profits.  Schools and public sector please click here.

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Are you ready to take action?

What will you do next?  What help do you need from me?

Working together we’ll design a whole-building plan, looking at all the fabric of the building and its appliances.  I will show you how the ways people live, work, sleep, relax, wash, cook and eat in your building cause it to waste energy and water.  I will show you the right things you can do for your home, your family or co-workers, and for the planet.  I will also tell you if you’re doing any of the wrong things, and show you how to make changes.  

Take action now and let’s get you energy confident.

Phil Beardmore FRSA AIEMA, Low Carbon Coach and Founder, Energy Confidence