Self-help energy saving workbook for your business – PAYF

  • Easy to follow self-help workbook
  • Make your own energy saving action plan
  • Pay As You Feel to download and use


Download my energy saving workbook for your business or non-profit.  Pay As You Feel – suggested £10.  This is an easy-to-use, self-help workbook that you can use to make a personalised action plan for your business.  The workbook is based on the actual methodology that I use when I am on a site visit to a paying client.  Most importantly, the workbook encourages you to do things in the right order and helps you to understand which actions will make most difference.

(This workbook was formerly free – however as it was a free product, hackers attempted to access my site by downloading it.  So I have had to introduce a Pay As You Feel charge for the workbook.)


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