PHPP – Option 1 – you provide measurements


With the help of a piece of software called PHPP, I can plan how energy saving measures will work in your home or business with greater accuracy.  This includes a 3D model of your home showing heat loss.  This is for people who are already receiving an energy advice package from me.  This service is not available without an energy advice package.


What you’ll get

Using the PHPP software, I will show you what to expect if you install energy saving measures in your home or business.  You will get a personalised report from me showing:

  • The expected savings in greenhouse gas emissions proposed in your energy saving advice report
  • A 3D model of your home showing where heat is being lost
  • A detailed estimate of the post-installation performance of your building
  • All this is additional to the advice I provide in a regular energy advice package
  • A recommendation from me about whether or not to proceed with specific measures.  If my conclusion is not to proceed then I will tell you so – I am independent and impartial and not linked to any manufacturer or installer.

My aim is to give you the confidence to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with specific measures, and how to buy the right measures as a confident and assertive consumer. 

  • The price quoted is for homes with a floor space of 200 square metres or less (a large 4 bedroomed detached house would normally be just under 200 square metres), and for small businesses in premises with a floor space of 200 square metres or less. Once you have booked and paid I will be in touch to arrange to get the necessary information off you.