Low carbon retrofit advice package – household – payment by subscription



✔ Retrofit your home to the AECB Retrofit Standard


  • Expert coaching
  • Personalised advice
  • Low carbon retrofit action plan
  • Email support
  • Home visits
  • Thermal imaging
  • Computerised retrofit modelling
  • Heat pump performance simulation
  • Help and advice on finding and supervising contractors
  • Price excludes air tightness testing by third party – approx £200 



✔ Retrofit your home to the AECB Retrofit Standard


What you’ll get:

✔ Home visit:  This is an intensive package for people who want their home to be recognised as very low carbon.  We work together to develop a  Retrofit Plan for your home.   Actions will include both short-term quick wins and longer-term environmental goals; ranging from zero-cost actions, to investments with a longer financial return, that will save you money too.  This site visit will normally take around two hours.  This is included in your subscription if you are within 50 miles of Birmingham, UK.  If you are further than this, please contact mefor a bespoke quote.

✔ Personalised Action Plan.  After this first session, I will provide you with a personalised draft report and Retrofit Plan including my recommendations. Your Retrofit Plan will include personalised tips for you and advice on how to monitor that your actions are making a difference, including an estimate of the percentage reduction in your carbon dioxide emissions.  At this stage I will also advise you of anything that you should not do, or that you should stop doing.Your report will also include a glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar, and a risk assessment.

✔ Email support from me.

✔ Session 2.  A follow up session in which I take you through the recommendations in my report.   This session is around 30 minutes and will normally take place by Zoom.

✔ Revisions to your Retrofit Plan as agreed at Session 2.

✔ Simulation of the performance of a heat pump in your home

✔ Computerised retrofit modelling using PHPP software for greater accuracy

✔ Help and advice on finding and supervising contractors

Price excludes air tightness testing by third party – approx £200 

If you haven’t used Zoom before then don’t worry, I will send you full instructions and tips.

Things I will advise you on include:

✔  Energy Efficiency – quick wins that you can do now for zero-cost or low-cost; and long-term investments in your home

✔ Is renewable energy right for your home?  Solar panels? Heat pumps? Biomass?  If you own land, then maybe a solar farm or wind turbine?

✔  Water saving – water waste is the hidden environmental cost that many people forget.  It’s easy to save water and if you are metered then it will save you money too.

✔  Green travel planning including electric vehicles.

✔   Energy tariffs and buying – are you on the best tariff?

Six months after I hand over my report, I will email you to ask how you are getting on, and will reply to any queries you may have.

Once you have set up your subscription payment, I will email you to arrange an initial meeting.

Total investment for this package = £2000 (10 monthly payments of £200 each)

About me

My goal is give you the confidence to control rising energy and water costs in your home or business.

I give you the confidence to take action on energy saving that will make a lasting difference – to your financial bottom line, and to do your bit on climate change.  I specialise in energy saving, renewable energy, water saving, energy buying, and monitoring energy savings.


Who am I?

I founded Energy Confidence to help you feel that you are doing the right thing to save energy and water in your home or business.  I have two decades experience working in energy, and have won awards from Birmingham City Council and Sustainability West Midlands. I am an expert in energy saving, renewable energy, energy buying, water saving, and sustainable transport.  I’m a thought leader as well as an energy expert.  I have set up and delivered a wide range of energy-related projects.


My values

  1. I am one of life’s doers.  I like to work out what to do next, and then get on and do it.
  2. If I see something that needs change, I will say it needs changing, and I will change it if I can.
  3. I deliver on my promises, on time and within budget.
  4. I don’t “chase the money”.
  5. I am not afraid to give bad news.  If I think it isn’t going to work, I will tell you, and suggest alternatives.
  6. I prefer cooperation over competition.  I want everyone to win at life.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry, you can pay by debit or credit card using PayPal.  Click on pay by card or checkout as a guest if invited. All services are subject to availability – I will endeavour to book you in at a mutually convenient date.

What I will need from you is copies of your bills for gas, electricity, water and any other relevant fuels you use – e.g. heating oil, wood pellets.  . Ideally I need your last 12 months’ bills.  This enables me to develop a baseline for your carbon dioxide emissions, so I can estimate how much carbon dioxide you will save through your action plan.  Once you have booked I will be in touch to ask you for these things.  Don’t worry if you can’t find them.

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