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pro bono


I offer a limited amount of days a year for pro bono services to organisations that are aligned with my values.  This service is subject to availability and is at my sole discretion.  


My pro bono services are:


  • advice to cooperative organisations on start-up, business and strategic planning, bid-writing, etc.
  • advice to non-profit organisations including cooperatives, charities, CICs, social enterprises on energy saving, water saving, renewable energy, environmental management.

WHAT you will get

Once your application has been accepted, we will discuss what we will do together.  You will usually get 2 days of my time.


  • You must be able to demonstrate that you do not have a budget to pay for my regular paid consultancy services, or are unable to access funding to pay for my time
  • If you are a cooperative, or would like to become a cooperative or convert to a cooperative, you can apply for cooperative development consultancy
  • To apply for energy saving or environmental consultancy, you must be a non-profit organisation or cooperative.

Please note that the pro bono consultancy service is subject to availability, and is only open for applications at certain times of the year.  

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