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  • Hear from other householders who are making energy saving improvements to their homes
  • Share information and knowledge with people like you
  • Pay as you feel – suggested donation £5.



Are you thinking about investing in the energy efficiency of your home?  Come and meet like-minded people and learn from each other, and from experts.  On Zoom.  

  • Are you thinking about insulating your home to make it warmer?
  • Maybe you are considering an air source heat pump?  Or solar panels?
  • Our guest speaker on 15th June 2021 will be  John-Hill Daniel , who has carried out energy saving improvements on his home in Birmingham including insulation, heating controls, and mechanical ventilation.  John will also talk about the suppliers and installers he used, and how much they cost, including the fabulous “Masked Builder” who is working on John’s energy-efficient home extension
  • Q&A with John and with energy expert Phil Beardmore
  • Hosted by Steph Vidal-Hall 
  • You will receive the Zoom link when you book.
  • Pay as you feel – suggested donation £5 – add the amount to the Name Your Price field, then proceed to the checkout to pay by credit card or PayPal.  



Here is the video recording from the first Our Green Homes session on 15th June 2021.



Steph Vidal-Hall  

Steph is a coach and facilitator who creates psychologically safe spaces for learning and high performance.  This, along with her own journey to make her Birmingham home warm and energy efficient, makes her the perfect host for Our Green Homes.

John Hill-Daniel

John Hill-Daniel

John is an artist, musician and photographer from Birmingham, who has implemented energy saving measures in his own home.  His next project is a home extension with energy saving and renewable energy features.

Phil Beardmore portrait

Phil Beardmore 

Phil has more than 20 years experience giving expert advice on energy saving and renewable energy.  He gives both strategic and practical advice to householders, businesses, public bodies, and non-profits, in Birmingham and beyond.