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Energy saving project management

You have decided what energy saving measures you want for your home or business.  Now you need my help to project manage the installation of the measures.  This is a handholding service to guide you through the process.

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Charged by the hour

I will charge you a flat rate of £70 an hour for project management (I am not VAT registered).

Before I start, we will estimate how many hours or days time your energy saving project is likely to need.  If I am getting close to budget, I will let you know.

It’s not my style to turn a four-hour job into a five-day job.  I value my clients so I don’t believe in messing them around.

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What you’ll get

We will discuss your exact needs, but it might include:

  • Getting quotes from suppliers
  • Helping you to interpret the quotes
  • On site supervision of work to make sure you’re getting what you asked for
  • Monitoring that energy saving equipment is working as planned, and you are getting the energy and carbon dioxide savings you were expecting
  • Getting your project registered on the Low Energy Buildings Database
  • I make sure that the principles of PAS2035 – the new retrofit standard – are applied.

Who’s this for?

My project management service is for businesses, householders, charities, faith groups, coops, who already know what energy saving measures they need.

In most cases, you will already have received an impartial energy advice package from me or someone similar.

If you haven’t received impartial expert energy advice, then you should check out my advice packages.

I need to know that the measures are right for you and your building.  I am an advocate for you and your building and so I won’t normally undertake project management unless I am happy that you have had impartial expert advice from me or someone similar to me.  I won’t undertake paid work for anyone if I don’t think it’s  in their best interests.


Contact me

If you’re ready to proceed then contact me and we will arrange an initial discussion to see how we can work together.

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My experience

  • Supervising insulation measures in homes and non-domestic buildings
  • Supervising renewable energy measures including heat pumps, solar 
  • Checking that energy saving measures are working properly and that you are getting the energy and carbon savings you expected
  • I also frequently help organisations who have already had measures installed and where things have gone wrong.  I help them to troubleshoot what has gone wrong, and what can be done to fix it.  This happens surprisingly often unfortunately.  

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Let’s get you energy confident!

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Some photos on this page by Levitt Bernstein, Elementa, Passivhaus Trust and Etude commissioned by West Oxfordshire, Cotswold and Forest of Dean District Councils, funded by the LGA Housing Advisers Programme under a Creative Commons Licence.