Energy confidence


Exclusive to householders and businesses who have had an energy saving advice package from me

To help you implement your energy saving goals in a planned and strategic way, you can now use an action plan template on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis.  This is for people who have had an energy saving advice package from me only, and is not available to anyone else.

The template uses an app called Trello.  There is a free version of Trello, which is cloud-based, and also free smartphone apps.  The free version of Trello will be sufficient for you to use the energy saving action plan template.  You don’t need to buy the paid version of Trello unless you think you are going to use it widely (I do have the paid version because I create a Trello board for every client and project).

Below are two screenshots from the template (the version you will download does not contain Latin; instead it contains subjects (Trello calls them “boards”, “lists” and “cards” based on what I recommended in your energy advice report.  You can add or remove lists and cards.  The action plan sits alongside the postcard action plan that I am sending to householder clients from April 2023.


energy saving action plan screenshot 1


When you have paid for the use of the template (it’s pay-as-you-feel) I will send you an email (usually within 24 hours) with a personalised link to open your Trello board.  This is for your personal use only (and those within your household or business) and I would appreciate it if you don’t share the Trello board or any screenshots etc with anyone else.  

This is pay-as-you-feel with a suggested contribution of £10.  


Optional – turn your action plan into a GANTT chart


Using a cloud-based app called Placker that works with Trello, you can turn your action plan into a GANTT chart with one click.

Below is a screenshot of what the GANTT chart will look in Placker:



 GANTT screenshot 1




It costs me approximately 15 Euros a month for a client to use Placker.  Therefore, if you want to use the GANTT chart, I would ask that you pay 15 Euros / £12 for each month you wish to use it.  Therefore, the suggested minimum pay-as-you-feel contribution if you are going to use Placker is £22.  One month should be enough for most people.  If after one month you feel that you need to use Placker for longer, then please contact me.

Once you have paid, I will send you instructions on what to do to use Placker.  

Thank you in advance and good luck with your energy saving action plans.  I hope you will keep me updated on your progress.