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Is there a free thermal imaging option?

I don’t do a free thermal imaging package – this is why. Some insulation companies do it because they receive government-backed funding to do it for free.  I am a sole trader and I don’t have government funding for thermal imaging.  With my advice packages you get the benefit of my time and expertise which you don’t with an insulation company. The insulation companies are funded by multinational energy companies to do thermal imaging, funded by energy bill payers. What you actually get is not simply a free thermal image – it’s a sales call to sell you insulation. I am in favour of people insulating their homes, but what I offer is a whole-house approach to energy saving.  If I recommend measures such as insulation to you as part of my energy advice package, then I will help you to find a reputable contractors for any physical measures such as insulation, heating, solar panels.  If you want a free thermal image then please feel free to book with one of these bill payer funded insulation companies – but please be aware you are not getting a full advice package and you will be getting a sales visit.  If you’re not sure about investing in one of my advice package then please download my  Energy Confidence self-help workbook – pay-as-you-feel.

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Do you give impartial advice?

Yes.  It is very important that you receive impartial advice.  I am not tied to any installer or physical product.  If I think that a particular energy saving product or course of action is not in your best interests, then I will tell you.  

If you ask me to find you an installer or supplier of physical energy saving measures or renewable energy measures, then I promise you 100% transparency about my relationship with them.  I used to undertake energy brokering but I don’t do this any more because the energy retail market is broken and I can’t guarantee that I’m getting the best outcome for you the client.  What I will do is give you hints and tips on what to look out for in an energy tariff, as part of my advice packages.

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What about VAT?

The cost of my work is not subject to VAT.  If I buy in services from elsewhere for my work with you, and those services are subject to VAT, then that will be included in my pricing.

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What happens after I book an advice package?

You will receive an automated booking confirmation and a receipt.  

I, or my VA Sharon Goodwin, will contact you as soon as possible to arrange our first session at our mutual convenience.  

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What if I have more than one site?

If you are landlord or business who has contacted me to say you have more than one site, then I will contact you to discuss the scope of the work and then give you a bespoke quote.  I will look to achieve economies of scale where possible to give you best value for money.


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What is your refund policy?

I don’t issue refunds.  However, my promise to you is that I think you are on the wrong package I will tell you. If I think you’re not going to recoup your investment in my time and expertise then I will tell you, as early as possible, and advise you to scale down to the most appropriate package for your needs. This includes after we have started working together. If this happens then I will recalculate your price and change your subscription or make refunds if necessary.


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What areas do you cover?

If you have requested a site visit and you are within 50 miles of Birmingham, UK (B12 9AH), then there is no cost for travel and accommodation.  If you are more than 50 miles from Birmingham, and we agree a site visit, then I will charge the additional mileage to you at £0.45 per mile in both directions.  If you are in a location that is accessible by train, then I will travel by train if practical to do so.  If you are more than 100 miles from Birmingham, then I will charge you for subsistence, at a rate agreed with you in advance.   On some occasions where distance is a barrier, we can meet on Zoom rather than on site, although site visits are my preferred option if possible.


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Comments, complaints, compliments

If you would like to make a complaint, please contact me and I will attempt to resolve it.  If you would like to make a comment or compliment, please do so on my Trustpilot page, Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


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