Don't move, improve

Energy confidence


Are you considering improvements to your home?  Home improvement is the perfect time to improve the energy efficiency of your home as well as its functionality, style and appearance.  I have teamed up with Avalon Design and between us we can design your home improvement and make sure it is as low carbon as possible.

I often go into clients’ homes and see home improvements where the architect has missed opportunities to make the home more energy efficient, or even made the home less energy efficient than it was before.  I wish they had contacted me when they started the home improvement project.  

Unfortunately some architects don’t understand how home improvements can make or break the energy efficiency of a home.  That’s why I have jumped at the chance to work with Patrick Casey at Avalon Design – he is an architect who does understand that home improvement is a chance to make a home greener.  

Imagine how great your home could be with a talented architect and an energy saving expert at your disposal.

For more information please contact me or Patrick Casey at Avalon Design.